The SisterMAG N ° 13 is here - reading material with refreshment factor

SisterMAG 13 #gourmetguerilla The best weekend of the year is upon us - 30 degrees and azure blue sky all over Germany! Before you go into the great days off, I would like to recommend you the new edition of the SisterMAG.

There is not only an incredible amount of reading material for the digitally oriented lady, in the food section, too great refreshing and healthy drinks are presented for the hottest time of the year. For those who find water a bit boring in the long term. How about, for example, grapefruit elderberry lemonade, rhubarb iced tea or coconut punch? My super simple recipe for Basillikumwasser is also there.

So: The best time to look at the recipes, liters of delicious drinks in the fridge hoard and on the weekend then quite refreshed and relaxed with the Sister MAG N ° 13 of the Frollein Indulge in reading.

Lots of amusement and Plezierchen!